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ULTRABOOTH is a modern photo booth builder company. We design and manufacture state-of- the-art photo booth kiosks and enclosures. Ultrabooth offers complete packages that provide everything you need to start your own photo booth rental business or add to your existing business. We are here to answer all of your general questions and offer marketing advice to anyone considering our products. Our years of experience allow us to serve clients at all experience levels with excellent customer service and response time. Ultrabooth kiosks are proudly made in the USA and we service clients around the world. We are located in Buffalo, New York and have access to some of the top stainless steel fabrication facilities and designers in the nation. The Ultrabooth lineup includes two kiosks. The Ultrabooth and the Ultrabooth Pro. The Ultrabooth is arguable the most portable and fastest set up DSLR photo booth in the industry. Set up and take down in less than 30 seconds. The Ultrabooth kiosk is light weigh and collapses and rolls for ease of transport. Part of our goal is to expand the spectrum of capable photo booth attendants. Because the Ultrbaooth is mobile and easy to use, only one attendant is required. For the first time the attendant does not need to be a incredibly strong to handle all if the equipment individually. The Ultrabooth Pro is fully video and audio capable. The Pro features a collapsible microphone and built in speakers. Photo quality has never been better due to Ultrabooth Pro’s five lighting options. Both of our kiosks are designed to utilize Darkroom Photo Booth Software to the fullest. Our systems run on windows and can function with any photo booth software that is windows compatible. A combination of high end materials and brand name electronics make the Ultrabooth Brand dependable and durable quality fit for photo booth rentals.

Ultrabooth specializes in mobile photo booths for the wedding and event industry.

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Ultrabooth Pro

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