Our Process

Do you have a custom concept you want built but don’t know where to start? The Ultrabooth team headed by Paul Rubino offers design work and consulting. With our years of experience, we can guide you through step by step until your concept is complete. We can create custom kiosks for corporations, arcades, theme parks, photo booth rental companies and photo booth sales companies.

Initial design

We will analyze your initial concept drawings and and create 3D renderings of your custom kiosk.

Technical drawings

First, we will select the best cost effective and quality materials to work with. Then we’ll take the 3D renderings and turn them into files that fabricators can use to build your product.

Vendor selection

Ultrabooth will do market research to source the necessary materials, hardware and fabricators to build your kiosk.


See your design come to life when its first prototype is created.

Completed product

After necessary refinements are made, your completed product will be ready to utilize or put on the market. You will own all of your designs and have complete freedom to do what you would like with the product.