Portable Photo Booth For Sale

Portable Photo Booth For Sale by Ultrabooth

The most portable photo booth for sale was released at PBX 18.  The Ultrabooth proved to be the fastest set up in the industry. Ultrabooth collapses and rolls fro ease of transport. The total set up time is approximately 30 seconds. A stainless steel shell provides protection for the the self contained unit. There is no need to remove electronics, stack or assemble at each job. This will save your attendants a hassle and save the owner money on a weekly basis. At just 35 pounds this kiosk can be handled by almost anyone.

The Ultrabooth Pro was the most video and audio capable photo booth for sale released at the fourth annual Photo Booth Expo. Ultrabooth Pro features five lighting options for optimal photo quality. Soft lighting options and the ability to choose from a wide range of cameras make this kiosk an easy choice for Photographer and videographers off all levels. Speakers are mounted at the top of the unit and can be used for directions, audio play back, survey instructions, music and more.  A collapsible microphone is mounted on top of the unit and is ideal for recording interviews, wedding testimonials and sound for any video recorded. When it is not being used it can simply be pushed down for safe transport. This is one of the only kiosks that is truly designed to be a video and audio photo booth.

Ultrabooth provides portables the most portable photo booth for sale. Ultrabooth is a modern photo booth builder that can help clients of all experience levels. Ultrabooth offers advertising advice and stock photo to give you immediate content to work with. The photo booth rental industry is completive. Having durable and reliable equipment is essential for success. Ultrabooth is made from stainless steel will far outlast any aluminum based competitor. Ultrabooth offers relable customer service and initial training. And our complete packages give you everything you need to run a job. If you are just starting your photo booth business or need to add to your existing business check out ultrabooths.com for more information.