If are interested in learning how to set up a photo booth before buying one, check this out. Setting up a photo booth for an event rental requires the proper electronics, software, accessories and planning. First you will need a DSLR camera. The most economical solution is the Canon Rebel series. The Canon Rebel T6 is a solid option. Make sure the camera has an 18-55mm lens that comes with it. You will also need to use the mini usb connection on the side of the camera.  Run a mini usb to regular usb cable to your all-in-one touch screen computer. Your camera will come with this cable if you buy it new.

Next you will have to choose the right all-in-one computer. When selecting your PC, specs are important. If you don’t understand some of these terms it’s okay, just google them or take a look at the examples offered. An i5 processor is recommended to handle any video, GIF, green screen, or other special effects. If you are just running the booth to take photos and print, text, or email, an i3 processor will be sufficient.  Using a solid state drive or SSD makes a huge difference. Hard drives spin and are not meant to be moved around. SSD’s will help your PC boot faster, run smoother, and last way longer. You can’t go wrong with the Surface Pro 4. The Surface Pro only has one USB port so you will need an adaptor. Surface Pros all come with SSDs, which start at 128g of memory. You can upgrade to 250g, 500g, or even a terabyte if you prefer.  This is not necessary as long as you download and remove your images a few times a year. If you are looking for an all-in-one with a larger screen, check out this ASUS lineup or similar models.

Next you will have to choose a software. Darkroom photo booth software  is the industry leader. They have great customer service and offer excellent tutorials on a wide range of capabilities. You will have to spend a little time creating your event. You can edit some of the existing strip and screen templates to speed this along. Make sure not to select strips and screens designed for green screen if this is not your intention.

Next you will have to choose a printer. Darkroom comes loaded with a variety of printer drivers in global settings. Check out the DNP RX1 for a reliable and affordable option. You will also need some 4×6″ printer media to get started. DNP is a reliable printer brand. The DNP RX1 has a high print capacity at 700 prints compared to most models holding only 400. Check out this printer comparison chart for more options and specs. You will need to run a usb to printer usb  from your printer to your all-in-one. This will come with your printer.

When it comes to lighting, you may want to use an umbrella light or speedlite to increase photo quality. Any soft lighting solution is ideal. You will also need to decide if you want to run an open air photo booth or use an enclosure. I hope this post has helped you learn more about how to set up a photo booth. Follow Ultrabooth for more upcoming posts on lighting and how to start a photo booth business coming soon. For an affordable complete package with everything you need to get started check out Ultrabooth complete package .

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How to Set Up a Photo Booth