Ultrabooth Mobile Photo Booth —The Difference
Lightweight structure. Sexy design. High-end photography. The Ultrabooth does it all while offering the
number one fastest setup in the mobile photo booth industry.
The kiosk is expertly engineered to combine top level photography with modern design techniques and
unmatched portability. The Ultrabooth is an all-in- one stop. Everything needed for professional-level
photos—the CanonT6 camera, the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 computer, the lighting, industry-leading
Darkroom 3.0 photo booth software, etc.—comes included and installed in one slick package. Just roll
up, open up, and plug in—the Ultrabooth will be ready to shoot in under thirty seconds.
The mobile photo booth itself is delightfully lightweight, coming in at only 35lbs, but built with a sturdy
stainless steel much stronger than the flimsier materials like aluminum found in many other booths. To
and from events, the Ultrabooth’s head unit collapses easily to the wheeled base for effortless
transport. The subtle, geometric base is remarkably well-balanced and the powder coating colorways
never smear. The combination of the solid design and quality materials makes for a booth that’s both
graceful in transit and durable in practice.
Perhaps the most-discussed aspect of the mobile photo booth is the attention-grabbing aesthetic of the kiosk.
From the smooth shell design to the sleek LED lighting to the bold colorways, in one simple word, the
booth is just cool. People are inexorably drawn to the contemporary look and easy-to- use design.
Some mobile photo booths are lightweight and easily portable, but those aren’t made with strong
stainless steel and featuring all top-end photography equipment. Some kiosk come with huge screens
and tons of lights, but those can’t be comfortably wheeled in to a venue and then set up in under thirty
Mobile photo booth Instant setup. 35lbs. Custom made and durable. Eye-catching aesthetic. Excellent photography. The
Ultrabooth does it all. That’s the difference.

Mobile Photo Booth by Ultrabooth

Ultrabooth Mobile Photo Booth