You want to start a photo booth business, but where do you start? Photo Booth rentals can be a great way to make extra money on the weekends. It would be nice if that money just started rolling in on your first day. It takes some planning. The first thing to do is decide on a business name. Then make sure you can purchase a domain name for your website. Then decide on pricing. Get quotes from rental companies in your area to help you decide. You can use Bronze, Silver and Gold for your package names. Two, three and four hour options are a good way to start. Gather some stock photos and pictures of your equipment (if you have it yet). If you are buying it from a photo booth builder  you can ask them to send you some pictures. The key is to make your website look trustworthy and active. Create a document explaining how you want your website to look and have content ready for web developer or if you are doing it yourself. After you have a respectable website you are in business. Even if you don’t have your equipment yet. Every state is different, but for accounting purposes you should at least start a DBA and open a bank account. Changing your DBA to an LLC is a necessary expense after you start doing some rentals and have liability. You can also use paypal to create invoices and take payments. Now it is time to advertise. Create a Facebook page for your business and populate it with the same info that is on your website. You can create facebook ads. Facebook ads are especially powerful because you can choose your demographic. Select engaged for relationship status and advertise to people in the area you want to do business in. Create an ads that says book this photo booth for as low as…. the cheapest package you have. Now you are only paying for your targeted demographic when they click on your ad. Don’t pay for people who will never book you to see your ads. Engaged couples will be on your website. If they like what they see, they will send you inquiries. Then you will get your first booking and you are up and running. Now you need to make sure you have your equipment. Make sure you test it and understand how to use it before showing up to the job! If you want to get everything you need in one shot, you will need a complete package. Make sure to collect reviews and continue adding content to your website. Have fun with your photo booth business. After all you are making $100-$250/hr to go to an event. And you didn’t have to go to grad school to do it. We hope this was helpful in starting your business. Good luck and feel free to leave comments or questions.

How to Start a  Photo Booth Business

Start a Photo Booth Business