Portable and video photo booth for sale released at PBX 18. Photo booth kiosks have been evolving rapidly since the trend of renting photo booths in the event industry took off in 2012.  Ultrabooth is releasing two new products: The Ultrabooth and the Ultrabooth Pro. The Ultrabooth is the slimmest and most portable photo booth ever made. If a lightweight and fast set up is what you’re looking for, the Ultrabooth is a perfect photo booth kiosk for you. The Ultrabooth Pro is designed for photographers of all levels. Ultrabooth Pro is considered a video photo booth kiosk. It features five lighting options, a retractable microphone for full audio recording, and speakers for audio playback and directions. When you are shopping for a photo booth ease of use should cross your mind. Setting up your booth should not be a pain. Self contained units are the way to go. This means you don’t have to take your electronics in and out of the kiosk every time you do a job. Ultrabooth was designed by experienced photo boot rental attendants. The goal is to make your life easier by simplifying the equipment. Being new to the industry can be overwhelming. The Ultrabooth equipment is meant to make jobs stress free. If you are en experienced photographer you will enjoy the five lighting options that Ultrabooth Pro offers. You can also choose from a wide range of cameras that will fit on the camera mount. Ultrabooth Pro allows for users to take full advantage of Darkroom 3.0 Software .  Darkroom is our recommendation but the software is your choice. The system runs on windows. Ultrabooth also runs on windows. As far as DSLR booths, Ultrabooth is the world’s most portable photo booth. It is light weight enough for almost anyone to handle and operate. It is extremely easy to use. Set up and transport is faster than ever. Check out the full ultrabooth line up at ultrabooths.com . Complete packages are available to provide everything needed to get started.